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Our multipurpose venues provide not only enjoyable moments with respect to the privacy one need the most for sovereignty of secrecy to glamorous show off; it is well under preserved to satisfy the needs of diverse guest with whom we are conventional with the sense of honor and pride. Under our vast property at the midst of urban/rural area is sure to give relief from the hectic environment.

Package at Chisapani Resort

Exciting package at Siddhartha Resort Chisapani
It is located on the western high banks of the Karnali River, Chisapani it lies in the Mahendra highway in Kailali District #more

Enjoy at Chumlingtar

Enjoy the lush, green, serene mountains surrounding you with the sound of Trishuli rushing through the hills. Relax by the Trishuli river or take a walk in the garden or pamper yourself #more



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Siddhartha Resort Chumlingtar Chitwan