Identity and Uniqueness

Since ‘Hospitality from the Heart’ is Siddhartha Biz’s motto, the Group embodies the popular mantra ‘Atithi Devo Bhava:’ (the guests are gods) through its quality services to the guests. The other signature mark of the Group is its physical environment in terms of aesthetics, greenery, space and cleanliness of the outlets. Therefore, a client can find himself in spacious environs amid open garden, cottages, water pools and fountains in most of the Group’s outlets. Likewise, the Group is equally concerned about the taste and hygiene of the food. With an array of facilities and services Siddhartha Biz is a one-stop solution for all sorts of guests, who come to eat or stay or engage in interactive events. The Group invariably values the every rupee spend by its clients by offering quality and affordable food and service. Always offering service with smile, the Group bears in mind the ‘three Hs’; hygiene, hospitality and happiness to meet up high standard hospitality.


Message From CEO

We are a collective of entrepreneurs, driven creatives and visionaries who lead the industry in experiential hospitality. Our four companies work together to deliver on the promise of artful hospitality, setting the new standard in partnerships and guest experiences, creating places that people want to go to, not through.Read More

Creating, managing and investing in artful hospitality.

krishna neupane, siddhartha business group of hospitality chief executive officer

Our Services

Night Stay

As we developed the culture “customers are God” we deliver the hospitality from the heart. Rooms at the hotel feature marble


The Cottage is an address for all food lovers, party-goers and corporate executives for recreation, conference and banquets.

Food Specialities

We provide unique and high-value food item made from high-quality ingredients with family fell service in our restaurants where customers spend more time on premise.

Sweets and Bakery

Siddhartha Sweets and Bakery caters sweets and bakery items which can be relished as snacks at the Bakery or can be purchased as ready to.

Hospitality and Career Development

Siddhartha Institute of Hospitality and Career Development(SIHCD) is a vocational education center run and managed by Siddhartha Business

Hospitality Mart

Siddhartha Trading Concern(STC) is the subsidiary of Siddhartha Business Group of Hospitality Pvt. Ltd. which deals with the supply of all kinds of hotel

Travels & Tours

Siddhartha Business Group of Hospitality has its own travel desk and organizes many domestic package tours.

High Quality Agricultural Products

Siddhartha is committed to producing high quality agricultural products and will initially begin with coffee plantation.

Business Centre

Today, we have become one of the leading business group in hospitality industry with our network chain spread at vital hubs all over the nation

Special Offers

Tikapur Special Festive Offer

Tikapur Special Festive Offer

Siddhartha Hotel, Tikapur

Chisapani Special Festive Offer

Chisapani Special Festive Offer


Festive Half Off Offer

Festive Half Off Offer

Siddhartha Hotel, Nepalgunj

Hotel New Anand Special Festive Offer

Hotel New Anand Special Festive Offer

Siddhartha Hotel New Anand, Mahendranagar

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