Siddhartha To Facelift, Kohalpur Square
7 Feb

Siddhartha to facelift Kohalpur square

Kohalpur square which is also considered to be the entry point of investment of private sector in mid-western region is going to get a face-lift from Siddhartha Business group of hospitality. It has already been approved by the municipality and full scale construction will start within 6 months. According to Keshab Neupane from the group, the work on the soil-levelling has been done and further construction will be accelerated with the arrival of concrete.

The total cost of the park construction is estimated to be Nrs. 5 million and Siddhartha will manage the park for next 15 years, says municipality head Lut Bahadur Rawat.  The park will create a good image of Kohalpur, he says. The necessary water and electricity for the park will be managed by the municipality and no hoarding boards will be allowed within 1 km of the park. This is a part of broader corporate social responsibility that Siddhartha has been a part of since its inception 2 decades ago, says Krishna Neupane, CEO of the group.

Siddhartha will be allowed to keep boards of commercial interests within the park in coordination with the municipality. Siddhartha will bear the cost of water, electricity, gardening and other management costs. The park will have round the clock electricity and water fountains.  The municipality has already moved illegal settlements around the square and will further move footpath shops in coordination with local police and regional traffic police.

The agreement was made between the municipality’s head administrative officer Prem Prashad Devkota and Siddhartha Business group of Hospitality’s Keshab Neupane in the presence of municipality’s mayor Lut Bahadur Rawat and deputy mayor Sanju kumara Chaudhary.

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